ZIPAIR Introduces LCC’s First Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System with “Contactless” Experience

Passengers flying on ZIPAIR Tokyo will be able to place order for meals and products using their smartphone and tablet devices with the LCC’s first Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System.
Passengers will be able to perform contactless purchase of meals and items from the menu right in the comfort of their seats. The Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System is a collaboration with Collins Aerospace that empowers passengers with on-demand self-service experience and supports social distancing guidelines to keep passengers and crew healthy and safe. Passengers can browse the shopping catalog, view inventory availability, place orders on-demand, and make credit card payments using their smart devices without any assistance from the cabin crew.

“ZIPAIR’s priority and vision is to enhance the inflight experience and empower passengers with on-demand services,” said Shingo Nishida, ZIPAIR president. “ZIPAIR believes that the introduction of this system will provide passengers with a peace of mind to fly, and enhance the confidence and comfort of passengers by minimizing physical contact and touchpoints in the cabin.”

“We are honored to partner with ZIPAIR to deliver innovations that improve passenger and crew safety and experience,” said Clotilde Enel-Rehel, Collins Aerospace general manager, Commercial Aviation & Network Services.

Passengers can utilize the Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System on all ZIPAIR flights via the free inflight Wi-Fi system available on the Boeing 787 aircraft. Using their own smart devices, passengers can have an enhanced inflight shopping experience up in the air similar to online shopping on the ground. Orders are placed on an inflight web portal by the passenger using his or her smart device. The order is processed through the system and the purchased item is delivered to the passenger’s seat by the cabin crew.