Mirus Aircraft Seating Built The UK’s Largest Crash Test Facility

UK-based aircraft seating manufacturer Mirus Aircraft Seating has built the UK’s largest commercially available dynamic test facility, which opened in the summer of 2022.

The facility will be capable of conducting 16G tests, 14G down tests as well as head injury (HIC) tests. It will add to the company’s other in-house testing facilities, which include static tests and some flammability tests.

Once complete, the facility will be primarily for Mirus to help accelerate its time to market for new products. However, the company says it is also planning to lease the space to other firms for testing purposes.

“We will sell any spare capacity,’ said Ben MacGuire, CEO of Mirus, in an interview with Simple Flying Magazine. “That was part of our plans. Will other seat providers want to come and use it? I don’t know, they might be worried about confidentiality, but they don’t need to be because we’re going to make sure it’s completely clear and confidential. It’ll have a standalone team running it, separate from everything else we do.”