Green Hills Software Signs Hitachi Solutions as a New Value Added Integrator

Green Hills Software recently announced that Hitachi Solutions Technology is now a value-added integrator for Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS and INTEGRITY Multivisor virtualization solutions. Green Hills Software and Hitachi Solutions Technology say they will leverage each other’s expertise in building safe and secure software systems to guide customers in building solutions based on the INTEGRITY RTOS for the Asian automotive, medical, industrial, railroad, and IoT (Internet of Things) markets.

The increasing demands placed on embedded software systems requires coordination between software vendors, hardware vendors, customers and the customer supply chain to ensure that the complex safety and security solutions required of the industry are implemented efficiently and competently. Beginning in 2002, Green Hills Software has offered development toolchains (including its compilers and debuggers) and RTOSes certified to the highest levels of safety and security, including IEC 61508 SIL 4 and ISO 26262 ASIL D. Hitachi Solutions Technology will work together with Green Hills Software to help customers use the Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS and INTEGRITY Multivisor to build and support integrated embedded software systems able to meet complex customer requirements and demands. The proven capability of the INTEGRITY RTOS and Multivisor solution to safely virtualize traditional general-purpose operating systems, such as Android or Linux, in mass-production systems gives customers an extremely flexible platform to develop production-quality solutions that combine the best qualities of a general-purpose operating system together with the secure NTEGRITY RTOS.

“As our company begins its next chapter as Hitachi Solutions Technology, I am excited to also be starting the next chapter of our collaboration with Green Hills Software,” says Takashi Moriyama, president & CEO of Hitachi Solutions Technology. “Hitachi Solutions Technology will work together with Green Hills Software leveraging our high quality technical skills together with the supporting solutions and services of our Hitachi Group, to work as a team to deliver the best engineering services possible to our customers to help them solve the many complex issues they face developing safe and secure products.”

“We have a long history of successfully working with Hitachi Solutions Technology and welcoming them into Green Hills Software’s VAI program is the logical extension of our very productive working relationship,” adds Matthew Slager, vice president of Operations for Asia-Pacific at Green Hills Software. “By utilizing our joint expertise in developing safety-critical software systems and leveraging our extensive mutual experience working together over the years on numerous customer projects that have gone from design to mass-production, I am confident that Hitachi Solutions Technology will provide the high quality of reliable engineering services that our customers expect.”