flyadeal Signs for NAVBLUE’s Fully Integrated OCC and EFB Suite

flyadeal, a growing low-cost airlines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East has chosen NAVBLUE Operations Control Center (OCC) suite and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications for its all-Airbus aircraft fleet, to optimize its operations and streamline its operational workflows, creating more added-value.

In addition to Mission+, NAVBLUE’s Electronic Flight Assistant, flyadeal has selected the OCC suite including N-Flight Planning, N-Tracking and N-Ops & Crew, as well as Navigation+, and will benefit from a fully integrated and enhanced user experience. The newly implemented NAVBLUE suite will enable complete, seamless, end to end connectivity from OCC to aircraft, taking advantage of onboard FOMAX Aircraft Interface Device to allow real time connection to avionics parameters. The NAVBLUE ecosystem allows automated transition of data from ground to air and return, maximizing operational flow while minimizing workload, bringing truly cutting edge technology to the airline.

  • Mission+, the Electronic Flight Assistant, gathers all the information pilots need in one single application on a globe-centric display. Mission+ is a true flight assistant, which reduces pilot workload and streamlines the flow of information between ground and onboard systems. It includes an electronic flight folder for mission management, navigation charts and airport moving map, weather information, and is integrated with Flysmart+ for aircraft performance calculations, documentation and checklists. Mission+ will support flyadeal pilots in all flight phases from preparation to closure;
  • N-Flight Planning will help the airline optimize on fuel, time, and cost to meet operational needs while ensuring overall safety and compliance;
  • N-Tracking will offer flight situational awareness, with aircraft position reports and alerting;
  • N-Ops & Crew will empower flyadeal with the ability to plan and distribute their network schedules, maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules, as well as manage and optimize crew schedule planning, day-of-ops, crew control, crew training and qualifications, and crew mobile access all within one single solution;
  • Navigation+ is part of the NAVBLUE Aeronautical Data Portfolio that delivers reliable and comprehensive aeronautical information to operate, support the avionics safety functions, and increase situational awareness. flyadeal will use Navigation+ as Navigation Database for their FMS (Flight Management System).

flyadeal is the first airline in Saudi Arabia to benefit from these managed-by-exception, highly automated and integrated flight operations solutions.

“With this complete suite, flyadeal will be able to enhance its operational workflow, thanks to more automation and much less manual work for the teams, providing the tools to support the expected fleet growth planned over the coming years. NAVBLUE is proud to partner with flyadeal with this solution suite,” said Marc Lemeilleur, CEO of NAVBLUE.

“Thanks to this fully integrated suite, our pilots will benefit from the latest technology in terms of OCC and EFB, taking our operations to the next level,” said Con Korfiatis, CEO of flyeadeal. “NAVBLUE’s tailored solution will help streamline both our cockpit and ground operations, thus enhancing our pilot experience and creating more added value for our company.”