Universal Avionics Announces Five New InSight Display System Aircraft Solutions

Universal Avionics (UA) announced five new InSight Display System aircraft solutions. In addition to the company’s established Citation VII InSight solution, recent developments with the Falcon 900B, Falcon 50, Hawker 800XP, Gulfstream G-III, and MD 902 Explorer are reflective of the system’s growing market acceptance. 

“The adoption of the InSight Integrated Flight Deck Solution by many high-end business jet operators is a recognition of its quality and advanced features,” Dror Yahav, UA chief executive officer, said, “InSight provides advanced capabilities and is a growth path to seamless integration with our most innovative products, such as the ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System and future connectivity capabilities.”

Designed as an integrated flight deck solution for both retrofit and forward fit aircraft, InSight features UA’s second generation of embedded 3D Synthetic Vision System (SVS), advanced mapping capabilities, electronic charts, and more. Top system benefits include enhanced situational awareness, increased reliability, and intuitive control and input for enhanced crew interactivity. In complement to UA’s Flight Management System (FMS) and data communication solutions, the reliable and proven InSight Display System positions aircraft for today’s NextGen and SESAR operating environments, providing capabilities for ATN B1, ADS-B Out, CPDLC / CPDLC DCL, Data Communications, FANS 1/A+, SBAS / LPV, and a growth path to EFVS. 

The InSight Integrated Flight Deck Solution for the Falcon 900B includes two options; one supporting the UA FMS, and a second OEM-backed retrofit solution from Dassault Falcon Jet that seamlessly integrates with Honeywell’s NZ-2000 FMS Version 6.1 (or later releases).

As for the Citation VII, recent updates open the gate for all Citation VII aircraft to install InSight, whether equipped with existing Honeywell or Collins Nav/Comm packages.

UA is currently pursuing additional aircraft platform solutions for its InSight Display System.