FAA Selected TRAX eMRO Software for its Fleet

FAA Flight Program Operations operate a fleet of aircraft to provide Aviation Safety Training; Flight Inspection; Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E); Critical Event Response and Transportation Services. It was announced in February that TRAX eMRO was selected to replace the existing MRO and fleet operations software as the FAA has its eyes on incorporating advanced technology and providing web-based and mobile solutions to its users.

The FAA is a U. S. governmental body responsible for the safety of civil aviation. In addition, its activities include airspace and air traffic management, civil aviation abroad, commercial space transportation, aircraft registration, and research, engineering and development. The Flight Program Operations missions include: Aviation Safety Training provides training services to Office of Aviation Safety personnel to maintain a staff of current and proficient pilots required for operator oversight; Flight Inspection ensures the integrity of instrument approaches and airway procedures that constitute the National Aerospace System infrastructure and the Agency’s international commitments; Flight Program Operations accomplishes this mission through the airborne inspection of all space and ground-based Instrument Flight Procedures and the validation of electronic signals in space transmitted from ground navigation systems; The FAA RDT&E mission conducts flights directly related to research, development, test, and evaluation of new electronic aids, air traffic procedures, and aircraft improvement, under established Agency projects; The Critical Event Response and Transportation mission provides routine transportation and critical transportation in times of emergency or disaster, as well as support of the National Transportation Safety Board response.

TRAX provides comprehensive software solutions designed to cater to all aspect of aircraft maintenance management. With over 185customers, TRAX is the best-of-breed global provider of aviation maintenance mobile and cloud products in the market today. TRAX products support digital signatures, paperless Work-packs and manuals, RFID-capability for logistics, Biometric security, offline capability for mobile apps, web-based applications and the ability for users to work anywhere with easy access to real-time information.