Eight Airlines Select NAVBLUE’s Mission+ Electronic Flight Assistant

Eight Airlines Select NAVBLUE’s Mission+ Electronic Flight Assistant

Officially launched by Airbus last November, Mission+, the first Electronic Flight Assistant, has already been selected by eight operators. The Mission+ community includes National Airlines, Air Transat, Peach Aviation, flyadeal, Jazeera Airways, Cyprus Airways, Air Malta and Airbus Transport International (ATI).

Mission+ was created by NAVBLUE combining its Flight Operations expertise, the technical experience of Airbus pilots and the feedback from airlines worldwide, the company says.

Gathering all the information pilots need in one single application on a globe-centric display, Mission+ integrates mission management data and documentation, cockpit check-list, navigation charts and airport maps, real time weather conditions, aircraft performance data — usually only available to pilots via multiple sources.

As an Electronic Flight Assistant, Mission+ reduces pilot workload and streamlines the flow of information between ground and onboard systems, says NAVBLUE. Pilots will be able to optimize their flights from preparation to closure. Mission+ also increases efficiency by reducing manual entries and therefore risks of errors. “With NAVBLUE and Mission+, we aim to improve our airline’s operational efficiency, with a new generation EFB integrating all the information our pilots need, before, during and after flight, on an easily accessible and fully integrated platform,” Captain Ali Bourahla, chief pilot at Jazeera Airways said.

The solution ensures a flexible platform with optional modules that can be customized to airline specific requirements.

National Airlines, Air Transat, Peach Aviation, flyadeal and Air Malta will use the mission management module (electronic flight folder), while Jazeera Airways, Cyprus Airways, Airbus Transport International (ATI) have selected Mission+ for both charting and mission management modules.

“With over 30 years of experience in charting and paperless cockpit operations, we offer the first Electronic Assistant that enhances the pilot’s journey experience and the airline’s operational efficiency,” said Fabrice Hamel, CEO of NAVBLUE. “We are proud to already count eight airlines joining the Mission+ community.”