CoreAVI Achieves Formal Khronos OpenGL SC 1.0.1 Compliance Running its VkCoreGL SC1 Library in Conjunction with its Safety Critical Vulkan-based VkCore SC Graphics and Compute Driver

Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (“CoreAVI”) announced recently that it has achieved formal Khronos Group compliance for its VkCoreGL SC1 (OpenGL SC 1.0.1) application library running on its Vulkan-based VkCore SC graphics and compute driver. Successfully passing Khronos’ conformance testing process ensures implementation quality and provides implementor protection via the Khronos Intellectual Property Framework. Adhering to open software standards is a key part of CoreAVI’s philosophy and this compliance provides customers with the standards-based confidence they require for safety critical software products.  CoreAVI is the chair of Khronos’ Vulkan Safety Critical Working Group to define a formal safety critical version of Vulkan and is continually focused on driving forward new standards to support true safety critical compute capabilities using graphics processors.

CoreAVI’s Vulkan-based safety critical platform, which includes the VkCore SC graphics and compute driver portfolio as well as the VkCoreGL SC1 application library, helps provide a seamless transition for integrators from OpenGL SC-based systems to Vulkan-based systems. The VkCoreGL SC1 library allows new and existing OpenGL applications to run on systems using Vulkan-based drivers providing customers instantaneous access to the modern graphics and compute capabilities that Vulkan offers, while continuing to provide industry leading safety critical OpenGL support.  The VkCore platform facilitates mixed partitioning of safety levels of criticality and hypervisor configurations required in modern avionics and automotive systems.

“CoreAVI is excited that our VkCoreGL SC application library has reached this conformance milestone with Khronos,” said Damian Fozard, CEO at CoreAVI. “CoreAVI prides itself on its standards-driven mandate which has always provided our customers with reliable, safe, and secure products they can trust.”

“CoreAVI has been a leader in Khronos’ initiatives to develop safety critical GPU graphics and compute API standards around OpenGL and Vulkan for many years,” said Neil Trevett, president at The Khronos Group. “We congratulate CoreAVI on achieving conformance for their implementation of the OpenGL SC 1.0.1 API, and we look forward to their ongoing participation in Khronos to help drive the evolution of safety critical acceleration APIs.”