Comply365 to Deliver Mobile Document Distribution for ACL Airshop Staff

Comply365 welcomed its newest customer, ACL Airshop, who will rely on Comply365’s cloud-based solutions for a more efficient and reliable, digital operation supporting the world air cargo industry. Staff at ACL Airshop’s service centers around the globe will use Comply365’s mobile platform to access critical operational content specific to their location and record their compliance.

ACL Airshop is an international provider of Unit Load Devices, cargo control and air freight products, and provides logistics services for the aviation industry. While headquartered in Greenville, S.C., the company has over 55 locations at major air cargo hubs on six continents. ACL Airshop needed a trusted document management system with a reliable mobile app to deliver location-based operational content to its frontline.

“ACL Airshop chose Comply365 to help us with organization and compliance during a period of unprecedent growth for our company,” COO Wes Tucker said. “We work within a highly regulated industry, and it’s important to keep compliance and accountability at the forefront. Comply365 allows us to accomplish this while increasing our agility and responsiveness to our customers.”

Frontline employees will also be able to review their most up-to-date operational content more accurately and quickly. ACL Airshop will be able to deliver content and personalized notifications based on roles and service center locations and drive higher rates of compliance with reporting insights.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome ACL Airshop as the newest member of our Comply365 community. We look forward to helping them provide the data their frontline needs to deliver critical, time-sensitive cargo across the globe,” said Comply365 CEO Tom Samuel. “The scalability of our platform makes it easy to offer a great end-user experience not only for flight and maintenance crews but for frontline employees as well – at companies of all sizes and services within the transportation industry.”