Avinor Selects NAVBLUE’s RunwaySense for 15 Airports in Norway

Avinor, the wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, selected NAVBLUE’s RunwaySense to improve the runway condition reporting of 15 airports in Norway.

RunwaySense is a collaborative web-based platform where airspace users share runway condition reports in real-time to enhance the runway condition awareness, and to allow the airport to anticipate and mitigate slippery conditions. RunwaySense uses data generated by the Braking Action Computation Function (BACF) loaded on Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft to determine how the runway condition is trending.

Avinor, the first NAVBLUE customer in Norway, will count with BACF braking action reports to contribute to its runway condition reporting regime for 15 airports: Oslo (ICAO: ENGM; IATA: OSL); Ålesund (ICAO: ENAL; IATA: AES); Bodø (ICAO: ENBO; IATA: BOO); Bergen (ICAO: ENBR; IATA: BGO); Kristiansand (ICAO: ENCN; IATA: KRS); Harstad/Narvik (ICAO: ENEV; IATA: EVE); Kristiansund (ICAO: ENKB; IATA: KSU); Tromsoe (ICAO: ENTC; IATA: TOS); Trondheim (ICAO: ENVA; IATA: TRD); Stavanger (ICAO: ENZV; IATA: SVG); Alta (ICAO: ENAT; IATA: ALF); Kirkenes (ICAO: ENKR; IATA: KKN); Molde (ICAO: ENML; IATA: MOL); Lakselv (ICAO: ENNA; IATA: LKL); Svalbard (ICAO: ENSB; IATA: LYR).

RunwaySense data will be integrated into Avinor’s “Aircraft Braking Action Service” their in-house platform for runway condition data concentrating and analysis.

“We’re happy to see that Avinor has selected NAVBLUE and RunwaySense to support their runway condition reporting activities at 15 airports,” Thomas Lagaillarde, head of Product Portfolio Programs at NAVBLUE, said. “Now ICAO’s Global Reporting Format has come into effect, RunwaySense can be a key enabler for Avinor’s runway condition reporting.”

Ronny Andersen, project manager in charge of the implementation at Avinor said, “For Avinor it is very important to get data in real time, in order to monitor the friction levels on the runway. NAVBLUE gives us a tool that does just that, to satisfy the demands from our regulators and the Government.”