AviationDW – Information Visualisation Made Easy

AviationDW, a product by CrossConsense, is a managed data warehouse, made for use with a backend system, e.g. AMOS. A data warehouse is a component of traditional business intelligence, allowing the generation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and data analysis based on historical data.

The makers of AviationDW say it can greatly simplify KPI creation based on MRO System data. To this end, AviationDW provides easy-to-understand database schemes allowing business end-users to explore data without implementing complex logic.

The application favors the use of existing in-house reporting and visualization tools. The company says that by simply connecting to AviationDW with common solutions like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, AWS QuickSight or other BI tools, users will directly benefit from existing knowledge and capabilities.

AviationDW in collaboration with one of the aforementioned BI tools gives the customer the ability to visualize data in an interactive intuitive way to delve deeper into the data with a targeted approach. Behind the scenes, the AviationDW data transformation jobs are running to prepare raw backend MRO system data for easy access. Whether one is interested in how many valves were replaced in which kind of AC at one special station or simply needs to know the delay duration in minutes for a single station. This data is all in the customer’s MRO System but with AviationDW CrossConsense provides a product that makes this data easily accessible and analysable.

Connection to the customer’s MRO System is as safe as it gets, the developers stress. Data is exported by the MRO System and sent to AviationDW. The users can set filters according to their needs and the full control over all data export activity stays with the customer.

AviationDW has been developed and will steadily be improved together with Condor Flugdienst  and DC Aviation  which are also the first companies that will use the product. As it is their philosophy, CrossConsense strives to enhance and expand the functionalities of the tool together with its valued customers.