AFuzion Expands to China for Civil Aviation Services

A team of AFuzion’s avionics engineers recently spent a week onsite in China, as part of a long-term contract for civil aviation development expansion. AFuzion’s Ken Hebert, senior engineering manager, led the team at one of China’s largest avionics developers. Hebert’s specialty is Agile/CMMI optimization for safety-critical software, essentially merging fast-paced lean processes with mandatory DO-178C for commercial avionics. AFuzion’s services included DO-178C Gap Analysis, which help civil avionics DO-178C applicants understand their gaps, apply Agile DO-178C processes from AFuzion, and minimize effort to close DO-178C avionics development gaps. Details on AFuzion’s DO-178C Gap Analysis are here: Additional AFuzion DO-178C Gap Analysis Here.

Also applied were AFuzion’s proprietary DO-178C Plans, Checklists, and Templates; these proprietary processes developed by AFuzion over the past five years are in use by over 7,000 engineers worldwide, more than all other competitors combined. Details on AFuzion’s DO-178C Planning Templates and DO-178C Checklists are available here: Additional AFuzion DO-178C Plan and Checklist Templates Here.

“It’s gratifying that companies on five continents increasingly turn to AFuzion for DO-178C Services, Gap Analysis, and DO-178C Plans/Templates,” adds AFuzion’s Jeff Stevenson. “AFuzion has a 100% client satisfaction rate, with over 100 AFuzion clients in 30+ countries stating they would hire, or have already hired, AFuzion repeatedly. Client satisfaction is really paramount. AFuzion is never the cheapest, but we’re certainly the most cost-effective. Smart customers understand the difference.”