AeroWeather and SKYTRAC Sign MoU to Develop Mobile Aviation Apps

AeroWeather and SKYTRAC Sign MoU to Develop Mobile Aviation Apps

Swiss-based Lakehorn, specializing in the development of mobile aviation applications including AeroWeather, and SKYTRAC, a full-service data-driven solutions provider to the global aviation industry, have agreed to terms on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring AeroWeather’s widely adopted aviation weather application to the cockpit with the use of SKYTRAC’s intelligent connectivity capabilities.

The two parties say they share the mutual goal of enabling inflight functionality of applications through cellular and satellite connectivity. SKYTRAC, an Iridium aviation partner currently developing next generation Certus terminals that will increase bandwidth capabilities 35-fold, will explore ways to address the gap in inflight connectivity when cellular transmissions are unavailable for a wide range of web-based applications within the rotorcraft and general aviation segments.

“SKYTRAC is excited to collaborate with Lakehorn to support their market penetration and inflight connectivity goals. We want to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of what’s possible by working with agile companies intent on moving our industry forward. This project will help us leverage each other’s expertise and will open the door to more exciting opportunities in the future,” said Malachi Nordine, president, SKYTRAC.

In addition to application development and potential software integrations between the two entities, SKYTRAC and AeroWeather will leverage their customer bases for novel co-marketing opportunities to expand the global reach of their respective product portfolios.

“We’re excited to see what’s possible with our partnership going forward. SKYTRAC has a vast knowledge of satellite communications and we intend to leverage their expertise in sales, marketing, and engineering to propel our capabilities to new heights,” said Pascal Dreer, president, Lakehorn.