Webinar: Advanced Urban Air Mobility, Electrification and eVTOLs

Operational infrastructure, technologies, batteries, safety and regulations

Following a challenging year of the pandemic, the transportation industry is undergoing a rapid reinvention, with the aerospace industry leading the way, despite being the hardest hit of the sectors. As governments introduce new measures to get companies to reduce their carbon footprint, regional air mobility will be the next disruptive trend in transport.

The Global eVTOL Aircraft Market is expected to reach $1.9 Billion by 2035. So, what is the future for Urban Air Mobility, eVTOLs and the required electrification and infrastructure?

The drive from automation to autonomy in aviation is designed to make the industry more efficient and safer, but introducing autonomous systems will require careful consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of humans and AI. The current lack of infrastructure and regulations how do we standardise and implement the UAM airspace with specific rules, procedures, and performance requirements What are the challenges of making the eVTOL affordable to manufacture and operate?

How do we rapidly invest and create the necessary infrastructure for electrification and eVTOLS? What are the certification challenges for autonomous aircraft systems?

What are the safety and security aspects of the infrastructure, from the ground operations to CNS, to maximise Urban Air Mobility?

In this webinar we will look at all these questions and more, in how the aerospace sector also needs to adapt to the changing trends in air transportation. And, we have great sponsorship opportunities available for companies involved in this exciting sector…


Jeff Guzetti, President of Guzzetti Aviation Risk Discovery


  • Dominique Colin, UAS implementation projects manager, EUROCONTROL
  • Gregory J. Bowles, Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Joby Aviation
  • Neil Cloughley, CEO & Founder, Faradair
  • ir. Thierry Olbrechts, Director Simcenter Aerospace Industry Solutions, Digital Industries Software, Siemens Industry Software NV.