Modern Software Development Advancements for Avionic Systems with Wind River

Wednesday 19th May
9am EST / 2pm UK / 3pm CET

Digital transformation is driving new technology and modern software development methods and tools to advance next generation avionic systems that take advantage of intelligent edge technology. This will allow new avionics systems to be more intelligent, agile, cost-effective and to utilize stronger safety and cybersecurity technology.

Join this web seminar to learn from a Wind River technology expert how modern software development methods such as, DevSecOps, software application containers, simulation and new developer tools are allowing avionics systems to be more intelligent at the edge, enable fast updates, create strong cybersecurity and utilize the latest in safety advancements.

Discover how:
• Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery enables agile software development
• DevSecOps methodology enables quality software development and strong cybersecurity
• Container technology is moving from the IT world to avionics
• Simulation can save time and costs and help strengthen cybersecurity

Register today and be sure to bring your questions for the experts!