Webinar – Five-Ways to Drive Down the Hidden Costs of Chemical Inventory by Boeing

Your chemical inventory is costing you more than you may think. Studies have shown aviation chemicals can cost up to five-times higher than their purchase price when storage, transport, shelf-life, compliance, waste, etc. are factored in. These factors are unlike any other item in your warehouse – they are an extra layer over and above other parts. This webinar will focus on five practical ways you can use to convert some of these costs to savings. We will touch on areas that will help you improve shelf-life management, avoid pitfalls in compliance reporting, improve planning, and right size your inventory while reducing operational risk. This webinar features James Matthews, Director of Chemicals and Chemical Management for Boeing (formerly Aviall), an engineer with decades of extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

This webinar is limited to aircraft owners and operators, government agencies, airline leasing companies, MROs, and aerospace OEMs.


Oyebola Aremu
Product Line Manager, Chemical Solutions
Boeing formerly Aviall.

Wesco Aircraft Annual Leadership Meeting 2016 Day 1

James Matthews
Director, Chemicals and Chemical Management
Boeing formerly Aviall.