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From the start we believe in the fact that people in the workplace know themselves and determine what kind of software they need to streamline their business processes. Why do we waste hundreds of hours of custom work every year? Why can't people and organizations design their own software without any knowledge of programming and software development? With this in mind, we created the Architect 10 years ago. Revolutionary at that time and the basis of our success. The Architect makes it possible to 'draw' software fast and efficiently, instead of typing thousands of lines of code.

Constant and fast change

The combination of ready to implement best of breed solutions and next gen low code development enables Airlines and MROs to quickly implement change, thereby resulting in continuous optimization and innovation.

Industry know-how

Ample aviation knowledge to understand your processes and consult accordingly to maximize aircraft utilization.

Lower costs

Novulo’s low code weaving approach aims to quickly replace legacy to rigorously reduce costs for licensing and maintenance while digitally transforming the organization. With Novulo, abundant functionality is banned.

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT