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MathWorks is the world’s leading software vendor for Technical Computing and Model-Based Design. Aerospace and defense companies worldwide rely on MATLAB and Simulink across all technology readiness levels, from prototypes to their most important safety and mission critical systems (up to and including DAL-A software). MathWorks products are used in major programs across all domains, accelerating research and development in areas like autonomous systems, hypersonics, advanced wireless systems, and hybridization and electrification of aircraft. Digital engineering with Model-Based Design helps to reduce program risks through early design simulation and code generation. Simulink’s systems engineering tools also establish a digital thread, providing traceability between requirements, architecture, design, auto-generated code, and test artifacts. This ensures design completeness and eases change management of complex systems, all within the same environment, and supporting Aerospace certification requirements. Engineers are also using MATLAB and Simulink to develop AI solutions to make earlier predictions and improve decision making, from predictive maintenance and digital twins to tasks like multimodal target identification. MathWorks tools allow teams to incorporate a variety of data sources and accelerate the implementation of machine learning, deep learning, and data science algorithms into their applications that can be deployed to hardware or the cloud.

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