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In 2013, convinced of the potential of a unique feature embedded on all aircraft types, two engineers that previously worked at the Airbus flight test department created FlightWatching, a privately owned start-up. FlightWatching has developed a ground based software platform that interfaces with aircraft in real time during flight to identify abnormal scenarios and predict degradation. Their solution makes it possible to anticipate servicing actions to avoid the occurrence of unplanned costly alerts.  Predictable outages that prevent flight delays and cancellations are avoided.  They increase the lifecycle of engines, APUs and detect abnormal behaviors on systems before an alert appears in the cockpit. They control the use of planes so that they can last longer providing more flexibility to airlines. FlightWatching screened their first aircraft in 2013 and built a preventive diagnostic software platform.  Focusing at first on engines and APUs installed on Airbus and Boeing aircraft (more than 40% of direct maintenance costs), customer results exceeded all their expectations with a 20% savings on engine maintenance costs. Engine / APU overhaul are usually imposed by manufacturers or MRO further to sensed alerts transmitted by the aircraft. Airlines are looking to postpone revisions and reduce customer notification requests that require engine removal/inspections and disrupt flights. Airlines also seek to maximize the use of limited-life parts that are very expensive to replace.  Flightwatching will reduce the number of revisions and thus reduce maintenance costs for both airlines and engine / MRO. Flightwatching provide services to find the key aircraft parameters that customers would never have imagined to exist. They offer to customers: data acquisition and analysis algorithms on aircraft systems they are having trouble with so that they can predict and get alerted before anything appears in the cockpit.  FlightWatching's expertise in avionics allows to identify all observable data on all in-service aircraft worldwide (old models or latest generation) and whatever their manufacturer. They provide affordable solutions to spread on fleets without any aircraft modification: ¬´  we get the best out of what is already available ¬ª ¬´  We make your data come alive ¬´

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT