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Kappa Optronics GmbH

Cameras and Vision Systems for Anything that Drives or Flies. KAPPA has 40 years of experience with cameras and vision systems in rugged and certifiable design for anything that drives or flies. We ensure maximum performance of higher level systems with innovative solutions for day and night operation and lightweight SWaP-C optimized cameras for indoor/outdoor use. Close collaboration with our major aviation clients sets the course for demand-oriented development. We are not only leaders in technology. Moreover, we meet all safety requirements on design assurance procedures in hard- and software development, qualification and certification (DO-254 and DO-178 through DAL B, DO-160, MIL STD 810/704, and NATO Supplier Code C4792). KAPPA is one of very few EN/AS 9100-certified camera suppliers with 21G competencies under the supervision of a major OEM.

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KGS Electronics

KGS Electronics has been designing and manufacturing AC and DC solid state power conversion products since 1959. Our company pioneered the application of solid state static inverters for aerospace applications and today provides advanced airborne certified AC and DC power conversion products to both civil and military aviation customers worldwide. We have a full line of airborne 400Hz and 50/60Hz static inverters, voltage/frequency converters, DC to DC power converters, light dimming power supplies and AC to DC power supplies designed for a variety of aerospace & military applications such as cockpit, cabin, galley, navigation, radar, special mission, medical and lavatory.

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KRONO-SAFE develops and markets a tool chain named ASTERIOS® . The engineering tool suite ASTERIOS includes a DO-178C DAL-A certifiable real-time kernel (RTK) for safety-critical real-time embedded systems. ASTERIOS provides an IDE to simulate exhaustively the application’s time behavior, to generate automatically the run-time scheduling and to deploy the runnable on any single or multi-core hardware platform. ASTERIOS can be linked to a model based design tool to offer a complete integrated environment. KRONO-SAFE serves markets in need of a safer and more efficient solution to develop complex real-time embedded applications. These extend to both well-established markets such as aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial automation, transportation, energy, medical and new markets springing up where safety and security converge like the Industrial Internet of Things. KRONO-SAFE is currently based in France.

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