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Founded in 1994, AdaCore supplies software development and verification tools for mission-critical, safety-critical, and security-critical systems. Our flagship GNAT Pro development environment supports Ada, C and C++ and is ideal for applications that demand high reliability and maintainability. AdaCore has a long and successful history supplying products to the avionics community, including several tools and run-time libraries that have been used in systems certified at the highest levels of DO-178B/C (ED-12B/C).

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Adlink Technology

ADLINK is pleased to be exhibiting at Aerospace Tech Week in Toulouse France. We will be demonstrating our FACE Conformant TSS (Transport Service Segment) software in a live aircraft tracking system using the recently mandated ADS-B data model. Our live demo will track aircraft and visualize their locations in real-time from anywhere. We will be demonstrating interoperability with another DDS vendor and their TSS. Each publishing data, through our Conformant TSS’s, that the other will be visualizing. Our goal is to bring greater awareness of the OMG DDS Standard as the preferred transport for future FACE applications.

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Advalange is a company supplying outsourced safety-critical software development and verification services. Focusing on the aerospace industry, we deliver products for any industry where safety and reliability are mandatory.   Our experienced engineering team is the driving force behind Advalange. To harness that force, professional managers founded Advalange with this philosophy:   * Our mission is not only to meet the needs of our customers in the most efficient way, but also the needs of everyone who touches our product. We are serious about safety, all the way down the line from our customer to their customers. * We view each project independently. Others might favor a cookie-cutter approach to save themselves time and money, but at Advalange we’re always thinking outside-the-box. We balance your budget, schedule, and quality requirements to give you exactly what you want, on time and at a competitive price.   We are able to handle the following stages of the SW lifecycle: * System requirements review * SW requirements capture, development, and review * SW design * Coding * SW testing * SW/SW and SW/HW integration * Certification support

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AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH: Safety. Security, Agility. We deliver safe and secure solutions using trusted agile methods to meet your development needs for critical embedded systems.

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Agence Régionale de Développement Economique (AD’OCC)

AD’OCC is the regional economic development agency of the Occitanie region. As such, we offer free consulting for your corporate location or partnership projects in Southern France. Come and visit us. Let’s discuss your development plans!   The Occitanie region is the world leader for civil aeronautics, home to: - 3 aircraft manufacturers: Airbus (world HQ), ATR (world HQ) and Daher, - 700 companies  employing over 90,000 employees.  

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Air Born International

Products/Services: AVIONICS


The Airbus Services purpose is to further enhance safety in the aviation industry, strengthen our relationship with our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our team creates value by optimising aircraft safety and availability, streamlining flight operations and enhancing in-flight experience, with all the expertise of an aircraft designer and manufacturer. Building on Airbus’ pioneering spirit, we collaborate with our aviation industry partners and deliver world leading aviation services powered by digital and new technologies. Our innovative services help operators make the best out of their aircraft, support MROs with maintenance activities and maximise lessors' assets whilst minimising impact on the environment. 

From a fully integrated package including training, flight ops, maintenance, upgrades, dismantling & recycling, to a single adhoc solution, our complete services portfolio covers the entire aircraft life cycle from entry into service to end of life:

∙ Core Services: Assisting Customers to safely operate their Airbus fleet with highly skilled and dedicated teams around the world

∙ Optimised Aircraft Availability: Solutions to ensure safe and efficient maintenance throughout the aircraft life cycle

∙ Streamlined Flight Operations: Solutions to increase operational efficiency and minimise environmental impact

∙ Enhanced In-Flight Experience: On-board upgrade and digital solutions improving passenger and crew comfort, connectivity and experience


Aitech Systems Ltd

Founded in 1983 in Israel, Aitech provides rugged commercial and military embedded computing solutions for a variety of high-profile defense, space and industrial programs across the globe. Since introducing the world’s first conduction-cooled MIL-SPEC VMEbus board more than three decades ago, the company has come a long way, continually broadening its range of SBCs, power supplies, enclosures and fully integrated harsh environment embedded systems.

Today, Aitech leads the development of advanced computing solutions for rugged systems with the latest innovations in GPGPU-based AI applications, cybersecurity for mission critical systems and small form factors for space environments.

As a pioneer in the defense and aerospace industry, Aitech has developed industry-leading commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) products and capabilities and provides reliable industry-standard, open architectures VMEbus, VPX, CompactPCI and high-speed serial fabric-based computers and subsystems for use in defense, aerospace and space flight applications.

Aitech products address the design challenges system engineers face by balancing the need for more computing performance and tighter system integration with the appropriate risk mitigation and reliable system operation requirements. We offer products that meet the industry’s ever-evolving requirements by offering design flexibility, optimal cost-to-performance ratios and continued technological advancements.

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Argus Cyber Security Ltd

The more aircraft are connected, the more vulnerable they are to cyber attacks. Today’s modern, e-Enabled aircraft come with advanced ethernet and can-based network architectures which drive business, but subject airlines and passengers to cyber risks. Argus helps commercial aviation companies to prevent, understand and respond to cyber attacks on connected aircraft.


Aviation ISAC

The Aviation ISAC is the international consortium for cybersecurity intelligence sharing to build a safe, secure, efficient, and resilient global air transportation system. We are an international, non-profit membership association created to facilitate the timely exchange of vulnerabilities, threat intelligence, and best practices to reduce operational risks and provide the means for trusted sharing and professional exchange. With members on five continents, the A-ISAC fosters the foundation of trust underpinning aviation-focused cyber threat intelligence and information sharing designed to better protect global aviation businesses, operations, and services. Membership in the A-ISAC is open to trusted private sector global aviation companies.



AVIOBOOK, a Thales Group company, supports airlines as a partner in their digital strategy. AVIOBOOK offers a comprehensive and highly integrated suite of ground and flight applications, systems and solutions that connect all stakeholders and key assets in a safe and secure manner. This, combined with expertise in data and cyber security, gives airlines an edge through greater efficiency and ultimately sustainable, profitable growth

Products/Services: AVIONICS


Based in Miami, Avionica has spent 28 years improving aviation safety and efficiency with its miniQAR, Onboard Network Server (ONS), Remote Data Concentrator (RDC), 4G Wireless GSE Module, WiFi, Iridium SATCOM and avSYNC service that automatically downloads flight data to a land-based server. Avionica is driving the industry’s shift towards e-Enablement and connectivity for the cockpit and cabin services. We take pride in our products, service and customer support and strive to delight our customers.



Axinom serves the aerospace industry with products focusing on management, delivery, deployment, and security of digital services and media content. Our innovative solutions have powered some of the biggest aviation companies to solve complex challenges in entertainment, on-board connectivity, IoT, crew solutions, content security, and much more.


Axinom offers a range of solutions, customized or standardized, built on core products that cover both on-ground and on-board components. Our products span in-flight services (IFS), content management (Axinom CMS), content delivery and synchronization (Axinom CDS), and content protection with multi-DRM (Axinom DRM).


With integration possibilities with the crew or passenger portals, and multiple third-party or own systems, Axinom provides many new avenues for personalization and monetization.

The solutions are widely used for wireless seatback or wireless IFE, live TV, destination services, e-commerce, connectivity, and integration of on-board IoT, predictive maintenance, and health monitoring systems.


Founded in 2001, Axinom is privately owned and operated. It employs over 160 highly-skilled personnel in Germany, Estonia, the US, and Sri Lanka.