Digital Statistics

Email/newsletter banners

We have the following digital email/newsletter products that can be used to access of growing databases (35K+). See examples of what these look like.

  • Monthly E-news
  • Monthly Feature Email
  • Bi-Monthly Issue Alert Email
  • Monthly Product & Services Spotlight Email
  • Dedicated 3rd Party Email (client to provide full copy)

BANNER STATS: The OPEN RATES for any of the above range from 15-20% (5-6,000) and CLICK RATES of 3-5% (1-2K) both depending on copy and timing.

Website banners

The website has a growing audience (60%+ growth every 6 months) across 147 countries – see below (as of Jan 2022) or go to our live GOOGLE ANALYTICS REPORT. Banners run at the very top of the home page but can be repeated further down and on specific pages throughout the site.